The Disc-Master series initiated the start of ZIEGLER tillage and is now one of ZIEGLER CULTIVATION’s best sellers. The series has now been on the market for many years and impresses with its unique disc carrier and central tube frame concept, which allows a passage that is unique on the market. The DISC MASTER disc harrows thus operate virtually clog-free under all conditions. The very slim pane supports (16 mm) are therefore not a blockage for the continuous material. Further, the frame height of 82 cm and the bar spacing of 90 cm ensures an enormous passage in the machine. The DISC MASTER has a solid frame construction. Thus, it runs quietly and smoothly behind the tractor with enough dead weight without extra ballasting even at high speeds (up to 20 km/h). Another issue is ride comfort.

We have taken extra care to ensure that the operator does not have to leave the cab, because the optionally available hydraulic depth control allows the working depth to be easily adjusted while driving from the tractor. The DISC MASTER maintains the pressure independently thanks to its own closed hydraulic system with locking block. This ensures a consistent depth setting even on older tractors. In addition, the depth guide has metal plates to be able to limit the working depth of the disc harrow also mechanically. Each DISC MASTER further features a pendulum that simply and easily indicates the optimum setting of the top link. This makes it quick and easy to make the correct setting on the machine – even by several drivers, for example.

With a frame height of 82 cm, 90 cm spacing between disc rows and an optimal disc arrangement, the DISC MASTER guarantees the incorporation of large quantities of crop residues. And that even at high operating speeds. The edge plates installed as standard are freely adjustable to effectively prevent dam formation. The side discs, which can be adjusted in angle and working depth according to the situation, also ensure a uniform working pattern: perfectly suited for seedbed preparation. Against overload, all disc carriers are rubber-mounted on the frame: this self-damping of the rubber bearings guarantees stability and ensures damage-free avoidance of obstacles. For depth control, ZIEGLER offers the mechanical version as standard in the working widths of 3 m, 4 m and 4.5 m. This allows quick and easy adjustment of the machine between 3 to 15 cm. For highly variable ground conditions, we recommend the more convenient hydraulic depth control, which can be ordered as an option.

The headstock is equipped with more coupling points to simplify attachment to and from the machine. Also available with KAT II/III hitch. All bolts are twist-proof.

From the 5001 series onwards, the machines are supplied with their own undercarriage. The undercarriage is located between the last disc row and the trailing roller and guarantees ideal weight distribution in working position and transport.

Thanks to the well thought-out arrangement of the running gear and drawbar, the DISC MASTER runs smoothly behind the tractor. Narrow roads/town crossings are no problem.

On all DISC MASTER machines including chassis, the standard 2-circuit air brake system ensures safe handling on the road. The chassis is also available with 460/60 15.5 tires for working widths of 4.0 and 4.5 meters, and with 500/50 R17 tires for working widths of 5.0 meters and more.


  • Long construction
  • Central tube frame
  • Pane carrier: 16 mm thick in special feritg process
  • Cat II/III hitch, anti-rotation bolts
  • Individually sprung discs for optimum contour adaptation
  • Working depths between 3 to 15 cm
  • SKF disk bearings (maintenance-free, resistant to cast iron)
  • 80 cm medium frame height, 63 cm window frame height
  • Aver. Weight: approx. 700-1000 kg per 1m working width


  • Seed or following harrow (not in combination with double STS)
  • Hydraulic depth guide with scale
  • Hydraulically folding edge discs
  • Light carrier according to STVO
  • Device spreader with step and railing
  • Drawn scraper for spring plunger roller
  • Weight plate with 30 kg (max. 8 pcs. possible)
  • Chassis and hydraulically adjustable feeler wheels

Technical data

1 DISC MASTER 3002 3,0 m 22,5 cm / 90 cm 24 ≈ 100 PS/HP ≈ 1.650 kg
2 DISC MASTER 3502 3,5 m 22,5 cm / 90 cm 28 ≈ 120 PS/HP ≈ 1.900 kg
3 DISC MASTER 4001 4,0 m 22,5 cm / 90 cm 32 ≈ 130 PS/HP ≈ 2.490 kg
4 DISC MASTER 4501 4,5 m 22,5 cm / 90 cm 36 ≈ 150 PS/HP ≈ 2.640 kg
5 DISC MASTER 5001 5,0 m 22,5 cm / 90 cm 40 ≈ 180 PS/HP ≈ 5.200 kg
6 DISC MASTER 6001 6,0 m 22,5 cm / 90 cm 48 ≈ 200 PS/HP ≈ 5.750 kg
7 DISC MASTER 7001 7,0 m 22,5 cm / 90 cm 56 ≈ 250 PS/HP ≈ 6.300 kg