The CORN CHAMPION from ZIEGLER is available in 5-, 6-, 8- and 12-row versions. The 6- and 8-rowers can be folded in/out hydraulically, making them ideal for road transport. All models are optionally available with 50, 70 or 75 cm row spacing. The CORN CHAMPION is a robust and reliable corn picker that comes up with many features and convinces with its price-performance ratio.

Due to the flat working position and the long perfectly designed picking units, loss-free harvesting and working speeds of up to 12 km/h are possible. A special baffle plate is mounted above the feeder for maximum performance. This prevents pistons that are ejected by the feed screw from falling out.

All ZIEGLER corn pickers are equipped with a maintenance-free main drive as standard: the Professional-Drive. This ensures smooth running, reduces material wear and thus extends the service life of the machine enormously. The transmission shafts can always be mounted in the universal frame approximately in line with the inclined conveyor drive of the respective combine harvester – this significantly increases the service life of the PTO shafts.

Each picking unit has its own overload clutch and is thus protected against damage. If a picking row blocks, the clutch disengages immediately and the other row units continue to work undisturbed (depending on model).

An extended internal drive is optionally available for the folding models. As a result, the inclined conveyor can also be swiveled on these pickers and even work on slopes with automatic ground adjustment.

With the “reel forward/back” function directly on the combine’s travel lever, both the picker plate adjustment and the folding of the picker are performed – a dedicated changeover valve makes this possible. Therefore, no additional operating terminal needs to be mounted in the booth. This saves space and increases the driver’s field of vision. The CORN CHAMPION can be supplied for any common combine harvester. Special interchangeable frames, which can be adjusted in inclination, also allow an existing picker to be attached to another combine. For all CORN CHAMPION models, we also offer our own ZIEGLER cutterbar carriage series: with special supports for optimum and safe road transport.


  • The flat machine angle minimizes piston losses immensely
  • Long, but not too fast rotating infeed rollers guarantee gentle cob picking
  • Coated feed roller blades with additional picking bars
  • The centrally positioned horizontal chopper with freewheeling gearbox ensures an optimum chopping pattern
  • Maintenance-free gearbox main drive (Professional-Drive)
  • Hydraulic picking plate adjustment with position indicator (clearly visible from the cab)
  • Stubble bend as standard
  • No additional operator terminal required
  • Picking speed up to 12 km/h possible
  • Hydraulically driven storage corn augers (option)
  • Autocontour (option)
  • Autosteering (option)
  • Sunflower kit (option)
  • Basic machine painted in desired color (option)
  • Pickers available with 50, 70 and 75 cm row spacing
  • Steel or plastic hoods/tips (depending on model)
  • Available for all common combine and forage harvester models
  • The interchangeable frame system enables easy combine replacement
  • ZIEGLER cutter carriage available for all CORN CHAMPION models (option)

Technical data

1 GENERATION III 6 70 cm 4400 x 2750 mm klappbar / foldable
2 GENERATION III 6 75 cm 4400 x 2750 mm klappbar / foldable
3 GENERATION III 6 60 cm NEU / NEW klappbar / foldable
4 GENERATION III 8 70 cm 5840 x 2750 mm klappbar / foldable
5 GENERATION III 8 75 cm 6190 x 2750 mm klappbar / foldable
6 GENERATION III 8 60 cm NEU / NEW klappbar / foldable
7 EVOLUTION 2 5 70 cm 3700 x 2820 mm starr / fixed
8 EVOLUTION 2 5 75 cm 3900 x 2820 mm starr / fixed
9 EVOLUTION 2 6 70 cm 4550 x 2820 mm starr / fixed
10 EVOLUTION 2 6 75 cm 4800 x 2820 mm starr / fixed
11 EVOLUTION 2 8 70 cm 5950 x 2820 mm starr / fixed
12 EVOLUTION 2 8 75 cm 6300 x 2820 mm starr / fixed
13 EVOLUTION 2 12 70 cm 8690 x 2820 mm starr / fixed
14 EVOLUTION 2 12 75 cm 9240 x 2820 mm starr / fixed
15 EVOLUTION 2 8 50 cm NEU / NEW starr / fixed
16 EVOLUTION 2 10 50 cm NEU / NEW starr / fixed
17 EVOLUTION 2 12 50 cm NEU / NEW starr / fixed